Sunday, February 13, 2011

VD Part 2

Thank you my responders and lurking readers.  I was very interested to see where this little idea would go......  So now, I answer, as promised.....

The previous post was based on a a conversation I had with 3 women a couple of summers ago.  All had been through the wringer emotionally, and felt that there must be something better.  Someone posed the question, “But what if there isn’t?”  We all laughed, then frowned, then sighed, as we wondered, “Could that be true? It can’t be, can it?”

We want to think of love as being just like the nice little package of chocolates sitting on the counter.  It’s pretty, it smells delicious, it’s full of variety. (Unless of course you just bought the chocolate covered cherries, which is totally okay, if that’s how you like it.)  That box of chocolates is great!  Look at how many different ways you can have chocolate?  Life truly is like a box of chocolates.... We look forward to each days’ adventure.

Here’s what I wanted to see:  Romance and love are on everybody’s mind this weekend, with the biggest Hallmark holiday of the year on Monday. (I’ll be spending Valentines Day getting a complete physical, with blood work and a prostate exam.  Hope I get kissed first.)  I wondered what people might have to say about that “crazy little thing called love”.

I must say, I am most impressed with you readers who chose to post.  Wonderful words from each of you!  But I found a common thread.....   There’s MORE to life long love than fireworks, fireflies and tequila.....  It is full of moments that you might read in every blog across the interwebs..... Dirty diapers, leaky roofs, the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.....  But it’s also full of stories about extending a welcome hand, a shoulder to cry on, a positive voice encouraging you to ‘do the hard thing’ when the easy thing would be to give up.

We, as humans, have the desire to be passionate about something.  Maybe it’s your hobby.  Maybe it’s your blog, or coaching little league sports. Why not be passionate about all those little things that make up a great relationship?  It appears some of you are, as you laid out your perspective on that exact topic yesterday.  It’s passion that we look for, and it’s different for each person, and each couple.  It’s passion that makes us savor every moment with our significant others, as it may be our last chance to soak in a sunset with them.  We are passionate about spending time WITH them, no matter what we do together.  We are passionate about them, as we are their cheerleaders, their therapists, their best friends, and their favorite comics, when they need a little laugh.  Love is complicated, volatile, confusing, frustrating, and so worth it!


  1. This is just a preventive physical, yes, ET? Everything on the up and up?

    You're right, ET, and passion doesn't have to be about love. It's wherever you want it to be. I'm sometimes called an Ice Queen by my peeps and I think it's unfair that I'm defined that way just because I'm not in a romantic relationship. These are the same peeps that tell me to bring it down a notch because I get passionate about every damn thing that I do. In fact, the only thing that I'm *not* passionate about are assholes because I don't have the time to give a fuck about them, until they really manage to piss me off anyway.

    I guess that's why I don't even notice Valentine's Day because I passionize the shit out of every damn thing that I enjoy all the time. This way a lot of times "fireflies" become "fireworks" to me.

    Tequila helps, too.

    Thank you for the challenge to do some broad analysis, ET. I rather enjoyed it.~

  2. Kat, Yes, just a regular physical. Glad you enjoyed the analysis. Part 3 should be the best yet....

  3. I am jealous of your passions Kat. Seriously. I have been good at many things, enjoyed a few, survived many, and been passionate about nearly none of them. My biggest complaint about myself for as long as I remember has been that I am primarily luke-warm about almost everything. With the exception of my family which I will fire up fast, fight hard, and love as long as I have breath in my body... there is really nothing that I am super passionate about. I have opinions about nearly everything and enjoy a good debate but to say that I am driven by a particular passion or passions, would be a lie. I do what needs to be done, I am responsible, and make sure things are taken care of and expectations are met but it is out of obligation as opposed to passion. There are things I love, things I enjoy, and things I absolutely hate but not driven by passion. Not sure how I fix that or if I need to. I could be saving myself or I could be ruining myself. Time will tell.

  4. Passion? Passion, I understand. What I will never understand is the need to spend money on useless shit for a day that is marked by a color scheme.

  5. Okay, I just fell in love with Sugar Free.

    And I concur wholeheartedly with both her comment and with her obvious disdain for today's worldwide epidemic of saccarine falseness.

    Passion and love are most certainly not the same thing. Though one does, undoubtedly, make the other greater, the two are not mutually exclusive.

    - B x