Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Truth And No Dare

I have received another award!  

My dear friend Linda, from Shoes For An Imaginary Life, has passed this award to me.  I get to offer up more truthiness, and lay down 7 facts about me. I personally think that there is a conspiracy, and people out there are trying to figure out who I really am.  Because, well, EVERYONE wants to know who I am.  Right?  Damn you, Linda, another round of truth or dare without the dare part!  But at least we’ll always have that one game of spin the bottle back in middle school, right?  Now that I think about it, Linda did kind of double dog dare me to write this post.  So here goes....

Freaky Factoids:

I’m the tallest person in my family.  By a few inches taller.  I’m also the only left hander.  My sister (my only sibling) and I are both light hair, light eyed, and our parents are dark haired, dark eyed.  We suspect the mailman.....

I have was never suspended in school.  Detentions, ruler across the knuckles, paddled, but never suspended.  I went just up to the line, but never crossed it.  Well, never got caught is more accurate.  :-)

My view on all things romantic is really skewed.  It always has been.  No surprise that I’m disappointed in that portion of my life.  Often.  Hope springs eternal.(See?  I’m totally screwed.) It was, at one point, an occupational hazard, and to some measure, still is.

Something I’ve learned from my parents, and carry with me to this day:  Don’t ask the question, if you don’t want the answer.  Please, local musician types, don’t ask me what I thought of your set.  The answer will likely not be favorable.

Some of my favorite cities:  Phoenix, Arizona.  The way the sand and green grass and mountains all play together is simply something marvelous to behold.  Make sure you get a window seat, and be awake for your approach to the airport.  Magnificent!

Chicago, Illinois.  Diversity, small town feel to some of the suburban areas, yet this expansive downtown, the miracle mile, and the museums.  Oh yeah.  Giordanos Deep Dish Pizza, FTW!

The Florida Keys.  Peaceful evenings sitting at end of the keys watching the sun set, sipping on umbrella drinks.  If I had been a pirate, I wouldn’t have minded being marooned there one bit.

New York City.  I could live there.  Maybe I do, who knows?  :-)  It is without question the greatest city in the nation.  It has everything you could ever dream.  As an urban explorer, NYC excites me.  So much to see and do, and it’s ever changing, evolving, and just down right fun.  I also like driving in NYC.  Because it’s as close to NASCAR as I’ll ever get.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast.  I’m not a biker. Bikers have leather vests, leather skin and poor manners.  I’m also not a poseur.  I didn’t buy a bike for the instant cool factor.  I didn’t buy 800 dollars worth of tshirts and jackets. I bought a bike because they can be beautiful in their simplicity.  They are fun to tinker with, modify, customize and create.  So, I guess I’m more of a gearhead than anything else.  I change my own oil, and always wear a helmet.  (more on why later this year.)

I like my job.  More accurately, I have truly enjoyed a large majority of my career.  I have few regrets in that area. This month, however, happens to be our busiest month of the year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


All that lies before me is destruction.  There’s nothing left but rubble, twisted metal that used to be cars and boats and buses.  Everywhere I look I see empty windows, broken and shattered panes of glass.  Someone was looking through that window just a few days before.  I cannot find our home, nor can I find my parents.  My auntie and uncle did not make it out of the house, they were too slow, and just too old.

I yell out for my Mother, but she does not answer.  My throat is dry, and sore from crying and screaming for her.  It’s cold, and I forgot my jacket.  I pick up a torn one from the ground.  It is salty and wet, but I feel better with it on.  I want to find Mother and Father.  All I see is wood and sticks and stuff lying everywhere.  There are no people here.

I’ve walked all day it seems.  I saw the sign from the front of my school.  It was under a car and a big boat.  There were some school papers on the ground.  I saw one with one of my classmates’ name on it.  A drawing of our school, with the sun above it.  We were all holding hands and smiling.  I liked that picture.  But he is not here now.  I wish I could find him.  I wish I could find my Mother, too.

It’s almost night time.  I’m very tired and hungry.  There is food all over the place, but it’s dirty, and I don’t want to eat it.  I stole a bottle of water out of a crashed car.  I was so thirsty, I couldn’t wait for Mother or Father to bring me some water.  I’m sure they’ll find me.  I hope they find me soon, it’s getting dark, and I don’t know where to go.  It’s getting cold and windy, too.

There is a fire over there.  I see people!  Perhaps it’s Mother and Father!  Oh I hope it’s them, I’m scared out in the dark by myself.  Father never lets me play outside after dark.  “When I’m older,” he says.  The people let me sit by the fire.  They are cold and wet, too.  They do not know my parents, and have not seen them.  They will let me stay with them, though.  A nice lady with a bloody shirt hands me her blanket.  She wraps me up in it.  She called me by a different name.  She is crying as she holds me to warm me. Mother and Father will come soon for sure. I just know it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brandi, You're A Fine Girl

7 Truths About Me

I’ve been tasked by Brandi from Brandi’s Place to post 7 facts about me.  Since I enjoy a certain amount of anonymity here, this might be a little tough, so let’s see where my brain takes me for this exercise in truthiness.

Truth... Hmmm...  I dunno, it’s against everything my blog represents.... I make up stories, therefore they are not completely true.  I’m male, so as a self fufilling prophecy, “Men Lie”.  (Hang on a minute here, was that my first truth?  I dunno.)

Facts About End Transmission...

I have an unrepentant sweet tooth.  There are 5 major food groups, right?  The Pasta group, the Fast Food group, the Asian food group, the Pizza food group, and the Dessert food group.  There are always cookies in the cupboard, and plenty of ice cold milk on hand. Had some coconut cream pie the other day.  Delish!

I have no pets.  I love dogs and cats, but my allergies prevent me from having a little furry ball of energy around the ET compound.  If I did have a dog, it would be a Rottweiler.  Because they’re AWESOME.

I used to be a long haired rock and roller.  As a concert sound engineer, someone paid me to go to rock concerts and drink beer.  It’s good work if you can get it.  I have since cut off (or more accurately lost) all my hair, and went corporate.  Music and audio are still a big part of my life, but I sleep in my own bed every night.  Well, almost every night.... nudgenudgewinkwink

I am a neatnik.  You can blame my mother for this.  Yes, my closet is color coordinated.  That’s not hard to do when 80% of your wardrobe is black. (have ya seen my avatar people?) I learned long ago that it’s much easier in the morning to just reach in the closet and grab something without thinking.  No brain power needed in the early hours before work.  

I don’t watch much network television.  The TV is constantly on, sometimes even while I sleep.  It’s usually on some cop drama or Dirty Jobs or some other basic cable stuff.  It’s NEVER on any reality based programming.  Because, well, it’s not REALITY.  Favorite show of the moment.... The Cape.  How many shows can you say have a midget, a stripper and a magician in it? (besides Jersey Shore)

I have had one vacation as an adult.  (Adult meaning over 30)  I’ve been all over this continent, but only for working vacations, or just for work. I’ve worked in 42 states, Canada and Mexico. My one vacation was to Folly Beach.  It was a family vacation, and it was a flippin’ nightmare.  I’ve never been overseas.  :/

I often make time to appreciate the world around me.  Even though I’m stuck in a gigantic concrete building for most of my week, I make sure to take time and step outside and look around.  I’m looking forward to watching a few more sunsets this Spring and Summer.  Take a few moments to enjoy one.  I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The pendulum is swinging back in my direction, and it’s heading straight for me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I’m just one little ball away from being toppled by it’s mighty blow.

I’m looking after my parents now.  You see, this is the time in life where the roles have changed, and we, as children, ,must do our best to look after our aging parents.

It’s not an easy task, as I’m still their little boy in their eyes. (and many times, in mine.)  They are creatures of a very regimented schedule, and strict habit.  Casual living is not my parents’ strong suit.  Taking it easy, and relaxing does not come easy to two very busy, and involved people.  They have been forced to slow their breakneck pace due to illnesses, old age, and well; life.  Technology has rolled over them like a locomotive.  They refuse to leave their one cell phone on when it’s on the charger.  They don’t even have call waiting.

I am responsible for getting them to and from appointments with the doctors.  I also stop by every now and again just to have dinner, and get them caught up on my mundane and docile life.  They look forward to my visits, as their friends are mostly over the phone friends these days.  I help them put away the holiday decorations, as the boxes are just too big to carry down the basement steps.  I fix the plumbing, and the electrical, and put up new shelves. These are all things my Father would do on his own, and I know how to do them because he took the time to show me 'how to'.

I am conflicted often about having to drop everything and run over to their house.  I go, kicking and screaming, and cursing as I drive.  I argue with myself at how selfish I appear to be, and how dare you for a second act that ungrateful to the two people who brought you into this world, and gave you so much for so long.  I hang my head in shame from the guilt I feel about my thoughts.

Today, I’ll fix a ceiling fan that’s on the fritz.  Mom will hug me for what seems like a full 10 minutes, thanking me profusely.  Dad will shake my hand, and pat his Mr. Fixit on the back.  And I will leave, with a smile on my face, as I’m reminded that paying it back comes in many different forms.  This is my job now, and I’m perfectly suited for it.  I’ve got to run for now.  It’s pizza night, and a light fixture needs new bulbs.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Living In The Dark

I just walked all the way to the kitchen, in the dark, reached for a glass in the cupboard, and poured a glass of water from the sink.  In the dark.  A full glass of water.  Not a light on anywhere, and I didn’t spill a drop.

Not really groundbreaking material, but it reminded me of why I know how to do that.  I’ve always worked in a dimly lit environment, but tonight, this reminded me of why I can do things like this.....

I grew up near the state school for the blind.  In fourth grade, our teacher invited their fourth grade class to spend a day with us, in our classroom.  We would share desks with a ‘buddy student’ and spend the day, seeing the world as they see it.

My assigned buddy, Darren, was a little taller than me; stocky, and walked with his eyes closed.  Odd watching a person walk around this world with their eyes closed.  (metaphorically we see it all the time)  I guided Darren to the coat room, where he hung his coat on the hook next to mine.  He had his hand just on my right elbow, as we navigated through the rows of desks.  I bumped into about 3 desks as we reached our seats.  He giggled, and commented that “I should know where the desks were.”  As we walked, he gently touched each chair and desk.

After our morning studies, Mrs. Jennings instructed us to allow our sight impaired Buddies to lead us to lunch.  Darren, got up, put his hand out, and said, “Follow me.  I’m starved!”  He put my hand on his elbow, and he walked me out of the classroom.  As we walked, he told me how many steps it took to get past the 4 desks and chairs, and that we must turn left before the bookshelf, and then take 17 steps to the doorway.  We would then go to the right, and as he touched his hand along the wall, he told me it was 5 doors to the lunchroom.  He guided us to a table near the windows.  He said, “I like to sit in the sun, it feels so nice and warm. Are we having pizza today?  It smells like pizza.”  I was completely dumbfounded.  Darren had been in my school for less than 3 hours, and knew more details about our classroom and building than I did, and I had been there for 4 years!
I can find anywhere in my house now.  It’s a matter of closing my eyes, and visualizing what I can actually see every day.  I can pour that glass of water, because Darren taught me to listen to the water.  As it fills the glass, the noise gets higher in pitch.  You can drop a finger over the lip of the glass to make sure you don’t spill anything.

Darren, thank you for your gift.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take Notice

I will cut you off as I enter the freeway, even though there are no cars behind you for miles.  I’m in far too much of a hurry to use my turn signal, or share a wave of thanks in my rear view mirror as I triple lane change and speed past you at 90 miles per hour.

I will speak loudly on my cell phone while rushing into an already crowded elevator.  I will not move to the side as you try to exit, as I’m much to busy relating my graphically detailed exploits  from last evening to my BFF on my phone.

In the long lunch line at the fast food restaurant, I will complain about the cashier not paying enough attention to me while I order something that’s not on the menu.  It’s just the way I like my processed meat sandwich, and I don’t really care that I could pull the pickles and tomatoes off myself.  It’s much easier for me to slow down the line.  And I said NO ICE, get it right.

It’s time for me to take another long lunch.  No, I don’t really have to pick up the latest CD from Taylor Swift on my lunch, it’s just much easier than trying to fight the store after I clock out.  Yeah, I know I was supposed to actually get some work done, but I’m having way too much fun playing Solitaire and Bejeweled on my company computer.  I’ll get around to getting some work done sometime.  When it’s more convenient for me.

I rush through the open door in front of you, even though you are struggling with your grocery bags. I step over your can of corn that fell out of the bottom of one of your bags. It’s okay, I’m just trying to get to my apartment first so I can turn up my bad music and stomp around on the floor as if I had no neighbors below me.  I’m cooking with curry again this evening!

I’m getting into this already jam-packed subway car.  No, I’m not going to let any of the departing passengers off first, I’ll just crowd right in there and turn my Ipod up louder.  I will sit in the handicapped seat, even though the poor mother of two on crutches is trying to wrangle her 5 and 7 year old kids while limping on her cast.  With my headphones blaring, I’ll just act like I didn’t see her while I fake read my magazine.

I am the only person on the planet today.