Monday, March 14, 2011

Brandi, You're A Fine Girl

7 Truths About Me

I’ve been tasked by Brandi from Brandi’s Place to post 7 facts about me.  Since I enjoy a certain amount of anonymity here, this might be a little tough, so let’s see where my brain takes me for this exercise in truthiness.

Truth... Hmmm...  I dunno, it’s against everything my blog represents.... I make up stories, therefore they are not completely true.  I’m male, so as a self fufilling prophecy, “Men Lie”.  (Hang on a minute here, was that my first truth?  I dunno.)

Facts About End Transmission...

I have an unrepentant sweet tooth.  There are 5 major food groups, right?  The Pasta group, the Fast Food group, the Asian food group, the Pizza food group, and the Dessert food group.  There are always cookies in the cupboard, and plenty of ice cold milk on hand. Had some coconut cream pie the other day.  Delish!

I have no pets.  I love dogs and cats, but my allergies prevent me from having a little furry ball of energy around the ET compound.  If I did have a dog, it would be a Rottweiler.  Because they’re AWESOME.

I used to be a long haired rock and roller.  As a concert sound engineer, someone paid me to go to rock concerts and drink beer.  It’s good work if you can get it.  I have since cut off (or more accurately lost) all my hair, and went corporate.  Music and audio are still a big part of my life, but I sleep in my own bed every night.  Well, almost every night.... nudgenudgewinkwink

I am a neatnik.  You can blame my mother for this.  Yes, my closet is color coordinated.  That’s not hard to do when 80% of your wardrobe is black. (have ya seen my avatar people?) I learned long ago that it’s much easier in the morning to just reach in the closet and grab something without thinking.  No brain power needed in the early hours before work.  

I don’t watch much network television.  The TV is constantly on, sometimes even while I sleep.  It’s usually on some cop drama or Dirty Jobs or some other basic cable stuff.  It’s NEVER on any reality based programming.  Because, well, it’s not REALITY.  Favorite show of the moment.... The Cape.  How many shows can you say have a midget, a stripper and a magician in it? (besides Jersey Shore)

I have had one vacation as an adult.  (Adult meaning over 30)  I’ve been all over this continent, but only for working vacations, or just for work. I’ve worked in 42 states, Canada and Mexico. My one vacation was to Folly Beach.  It was a family vacation, and it was a flippin’ nightmare.  I’ve never been overseas.  :/

I often make time to appreciate the world around me.  Even though I’m stuck in a gigantic concrete building for most of my week, I make sure to take time and step outside and look around.  I’m looking forward to watching a few more sunsets this Spring and Summer.  Take a few moments to enjoy one.  I highly recommend it.


  1. You know how many times I have had that song sung to me while drinking with friends...too many to count.


    I like your food groups! I would probably add mexican to mine though. Love me some authentic mexican food!

  2. Hmm, ET has some interesting facts.. assuming they are not lies which I am leery of after your "never tell the truth" disclaimer you started with. Fun none the less

  3. Brandi- I KNEW you would just love my title! Should we add the Chipotle group to the list? Yes, I think we should.
    Randy- You know I adore you, head to toe. Notice I'm still worshipping... There are clues throughout my posts as to what is real... This one might be the most truthy of all, though. xoxox

  4. Oh the "most truthy of all" really?? Hmm, flattery will get you everywhere with me. Almost.

  5. There are actually four food groups, Crispy, Greasy, Spicy and Molasses. Get your facts straight.

    But no, seriously, I can relate to being stuck in a concrete slab all week. It's pretty essential to go out and get some air, at least twice every hour.

  6. Kev, you are very wise indeed. I stand corrected on the food groups. I'm thinking about a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with end pieces. That's gastronomical nirvana, as it covers all 4 groups!!

    By your twice an hour statement Kev, you too must be a government employee. (this response typed at work.)

  7. Never been overseas, eh?

    Seems like as good a time as any...

    - B x

  8. You know I'm really freaking hungry BBQ sounds delicious and I think I will have some tomorrow!

    I really want to make some ribs soon too... Hmmm I need to get to the grocery store

    I didnt continue my career in the military because my job had me in a building with no windows in front of a computer. I cant stand that shit...I was a smoker back then just so I could have an excuse to get outside.

  9. Wow. This is a very interesting look inside da man...if you will. I'm wondering what you do for a living now, as a corporate-dude. Do you love what you do? Could you take it or leave it?

    Wait! I just saw your response to Kev about being a govt employee. Another piece to the puzzle clicks in place.

  10. Barreness- Kitten, you will be my tour guide. We'll do a little duet in that jazz club....
    Brandi- BBQ is on my list, too! Just uncovered the stainless steel mangrill earlier this evening.
    Kathyrn- I'm very happy to see you back! I'm kind of taking it or leaving it right now. Busy time of year for us... Keep searching for clues, Doll.

  11. Oh, this is so much fun! Like a long, slow game of truth or dare... ;)