Friday, February 4, 2011

Bring It....Oh, It's Been Brought.

(walks over to workstation, sets down assault weapon, removes ski mask.)

Hey, listen up people.  The gauntlet has been thrown.  I’ve been challenged to a blogger’s write off. I’m going to ask you to visit a blog, and watch this competition unfold, because it’s a great concept, and well, it’s just plain cool, and all the cool kids are doing it, and you don’t want to be left out, now, do you?  I’m not gonna step on your neck and threaten you. (yet) But I will ask that you check this out.  Here’s how it went down....

My internet pal, Average Girl posted a challenge to her 300+ followers of her blog, It’s An Average Life.  She asked for bloggers to step forward and participate in a “He Said, She Said” blog writing competition.  There are no big prizes, just a fun way to put your words up for more viewers to see.  But here’s the twist.... Average Girl paired up her readers, and then gave us all ‘assignments’.  Pro and Con for a topic.  Yeah, pretty cool idea, isn’t it?

So I’m paired up with the very talented Kelly Caffee from The Six Of Us.  We will be writing about... Well, you’ll just have to go see what we’re going to have to write about, now won’t you?

I will NOT be posting up my work for this competition here, so you will have to head over to It’s An Average Life to read and follow this exciting concept.

Go ahead.  Make my day.

It’s An Average Life -- He Said, She Said competition
The Six Of Us -- my worthy opponent

Read ya later, my little minions.


  1. Thank you for your sweet words! Now be prepared to be SPANKED!

    In a non-sexual, uh, um competitive way, of course. Ahem. Oh geez.... ;)

  2. LOL! It's ON like Donkey Kong, Buster!

  3. Look forward to this! Poetry, huh?

  4. HM, Yeah. Poetry. I gave it my best shot. I'm looking forward to this, though. The concept is really cool.