Friday, November 19, 2010

Rubbin's racin'.

Okay, you think you’re getting over right here.... Seriously?!?  There was NOT enough room for your SUV asshole!  I’m so pissed right now.  Okay, I’ll just zip around him on the right..... You are NOT.  You totally are NOT gonna cut me off again??  Seriously?  This guy’s a complete moron, and should not be on the road.  You’re kidding right?  Didn’t working turn signals come on that piece of crap??  You just cut me off again, jerk.  OH no you did not just slow down.  Is he on his freakin’ phone?  Look at this guy, are you seeing this?  WOW.  Now he’s speeding up and trying to take back the center lane again.  Good, at least he’s out of my.... No.  A double lane change back to the right for an exit ramp?  In front of a school bus?  WOW.

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