Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cher and share alike

I grew up in a town of nice neighbors, unlocked doors, and respectable people. As time goes by, things have changed. Security system protected doors, I barely speak to my neighbors, and most certainly don't know their full names. I'm not too sure how respectable people are these days, as I see moral corruption every day. Lots of it, in fact.

I'm no pious douchebag, and I'm far from perfect. I don't hide behind The Lord, and won't be casting the first stone EVER.

I guess what I see is the general lack of consideration for our fellow man. Please and Thank You. Excuse Me. Giving a smile to someone who doesn't have one. Opening doors. Picking up a dropped item for a perfect stranger.

I went to a nice costume party last week for halloween. Very nice group of people, all dressed in their store bought costumes. This has also changed.... People used to take the time to make their costumes, or at least do the makeup, or put something really creative together. Now it's all just out of a box or bag. You can't swing a dead corpse at this party without hitting a superhero.

The bar area was understaffed, but not understocked. As the night wore on, I noticed people walking in front of me as if I wasn't in line. Now, who walks in front of The Devil? (my chosen costume with full facial makeup that I did myself, thank you very much) As The Devil, should I use my right as the Prince of Darkness to smite them and retain my rightful place in line? The thought crossed my mind.....

I stood next to 70s hippy girl. A sweet little girl with lovely blue eyes. She was being bumped around by the Snookies and Superheros at the party, too. She waited quietly, and patiently, as Cher cut in front of both of us, and went straight to the front of the bar, without so much as an 'excuse me'. Apparently Cher has a booze emergency. Her chocolate martini is much more vital than 70s girl's screwdriver or my pale ale. When the bartender looked up, after taking care of Cher's crisis, she asked "Who's next, I've lost track." Appreciating her honesty, I loudly said, in case Cher's entourage were thinking they were up to bat, "She's next, then Me," as I pointed to little Miss Blue Eyes. The bartender paused for a second, realized what was going on on our side of the bar, smiled, and poured a screwdriver tall, and tossed me a bottle of beer. She smiled, said thank you as I tipped her, and I said, "No, THANK YOU."

Some people just don't get that there are other people on the planet besides themselves. I don't NEED to have my beer before the other person, I'm sure I'll get along just fine for another 2 minutes. Stand in line, keep your mouth shut, and wait your damned turn. And if you show up in the express lane with more than 12 items in your cart, I'm calling you out.

.end transmission.


  1. Oh crap. I'm the lady with 22 items. It's because small things only count as half. If you do the math, it all works out. A raging masterpiece... consider yourself bookmarked.

  2. And This is "WHY" I love you !!!!