Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soul Mates

At that very moment, that split second in time, you see it, smell it, your touch is electrified, and you know.  You just know.  It’s a peaceful inner soul surrounded by an outer feeling of uncontrollable romantic lust.  You tingle and wiggle and jump up and down, even if only figuratively.

Somebody you know has had this experience.  I’m betting you have, too.  It’s an undeniable situation, that passes by in slow motion.  It’s a millisecond that we reach for as it passes, and we dive for the remote, hoping we got it on the DVR.  It’s a real life moment, though, and it’s only to be viewed live, and in person.  It’s one moment in your life that pales in comparison to all others, and yet, it’s often indescribable. It's nirvana; divine in its’ perfection. There's a lump in your throat as you fumble for words.....

“You had to be there,” we say.  “You should have seen her,” he said; beaming proudly.  We snatch the phone from our pocket and text it to all our friends, and post it on our page about “I just found THE ONE”.  Everyone wants all the details.  Even your old high school pals pat you on the back electronically, and obviously, you soooo deserve it because you’re just such a great guy.  It’s your moment to bask in the spotlight, and look down in your hand at the brass ring, that finally you, and you alone have attained.

You take her home to dear old Mom, and she’s speechless with approval.  She calls later to say how proud she is of you.  Your chest puffs out a little bit more, and you stand a little taller.  It’s just these kinds of moments that we live for, isn’t it?  You look lovingly at her again, and say,

“I love my new car.”


  1. i know JUST what you mean. the first time, I was 16 and it was a silver nissan monster truck with lights across the top. the second time it was a robin's egg blue coach bag at an outlet store in santa fe...

    i didn't get the silver truck. i did get the purse. (and i got a red monster truck which is much better than the silver one anyway, or it definitely would be if it would ever get the lights.)

  2. Oh I AM relieved.

    Thought you were going all romantic on me.


    - B x

  3. Mama, I'm having a moment visualizing you driving a monster truck. It involves daisy dukes.

    Sorry Barreness, I only wax romantic every once in a while. I'll give you a heads up. :-)

  4. well, then you should probably stop, as that would not be pretty. and it's january.

  5. Wow weird, it's exactly how I feel about my car! Good thing I call it a "him". Read your "I will follow" post.... I will follow you just in case you make it to the big time and I can say I knew you when... But call me a minion and possibly I will come back and have to slap ya in the back of your head! PS.. I waxed, the legs are now hair free!

  6. HEY! 11 over there to the left!!

  7. "Nirvana" just lost half her value when you drove her off the lot. But real girls just keep getting better with time.

  8. Linda is living proof of her own comment. The second part, for clarity sake. :-)