Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New Year, new beginnings.  We like to rationalize how we will put our best foot forward.  How this year will be the BEST EVER.  We will accomplish every single goal that fell short last year, regardless of the minuscule effort we put forth.  If we could just put down the remote and get on the treadmill, last year would have been thinner.  If we could have kept our mouth shut, we would still be with the one that got away.  The fifth or sixth beer was the cause of the all of last year’s continual drama. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

We know the reasons why we don’t succeed at attaining our goals.  Each January, we choose to ignore our failures, and march forward towards the promise of a new attitude, a new horizon, and new improved self.  We sweep it all under the rug, throw it all out with the Christmas wrappings, then wipe the Things To Do list clean, knowing full well that we won’t reach our goals again.  Yet we deny our truths, and run headlong up a hill we cannot possibly climb.

We’ll hide the little wrinkles, the gray hairs, and we’ll keep our pants that haven’t fit for two years on the top shelf “just in case”.  This month our fridge will be full of Slimfast and rabbit food.  Next month we’ll be back to cheese in a can and deep fried everything.  But for now, we are determined to prove to ourselves that we aren’t like the others.  We’re really not going to fail again.  Because this year is my year.

Because, like the rest of us humans on this planet, we have something in common.  Hope.  It’s part of our DNA.  It’s what makes us the dominant species, in a way.  As we look out the window longing for our loved ones to return, we are filled with hope.  She gets dressed to the nines, wears her most fragrant perfume, and sits alone at the end of the bar closest to the dance floor, hopeful that tonight she will meet Him.  We toil away every weekend for a month to put together the research project the way your boss asked you to,  because we hope he will notice all of your extra effort.  We cheer on our favorite sports team because we truly hope they will win.  Because, when they win, we win.  We’re winners for a moment, and we like being winners.

We hope that things will go our way, because we like how we feel when they do.  Hope is real.  Hope is a good, positive thing.  Hope is idealistic, and romantic.  Hope is paramount to our future.

As you plan your year, I hope you find your way to a positive and successful year.  Because, when someone asks you if you can reach your goals this year, you’ll say, “I hope to.”

We welcome you, 2011.  With open arms, and full of hope.


  1. .end trasmission.,can't help but wonder what your goals are that you hope to meet...?

  2. My goals for this year? To continue forward progress. Slow and steady wins the race.

  3. Did someone say Slimfast? Did I ask you if this outfit makes me look fat?

    Happy New Year to you too, T.

  4. Linda, hawt is always in style, no matter what size.