Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follow Update

I'm kinda shocked, truly I am.  I put up a whiny little post, I just guilt tripped about 5 new people into following. Okay, maybe it was only two, but I broke double digits for the first time.  And in less than 3 months. (once a month, I'll need to repeat the whiny post idea)

I also joined Studio 30+, and lo and behold, people friended me over there, too.  So I'm heading in the right direction.  And I would like to thank all 11 of you, including both of Kathryn's personalities, for joining me up in here!  Ain't no party like a Lawn party!

Yeah, I can't believe I just wrote that either.  Anyways.... I thank you for your encouraging words, your support, and your creative skills that inspire me to write more, and to learn the English language a little better.(not a lot better, just a little bit mo' bettah)

I was gonna single out a couple of blogs here, but I'm gonna go about this a different way.  Since there's only 10 of you over there on in the Entourage, I will encourage each of you to go read the other 9 blogs.  I think each one offers a different flavor, and different writing styles.  Some are rough, some are beautifully crafted, and some are over the top.  But each are worth reading.  I've got some work to do to keep up with you.

I'll have a real entry up tomorrow.


  1. Well thank you! I'm so happy you enjoy my rough, beautifully crafted, over the top blog. Oh. Wait. You were talking about other blogs too, weren't you? I'm gonna go exploring now...


  2. "Wha?" (Kathryn #1)
    "Wha?" (Kathryn #2)

    (Sniffs) I don't know what you're tawking about. There's only ONE of me...that other girl is an impostor.